Meme Mondays

On Instagram, Hazl and I follow the handle @female faithfully and we always get a good chuckle or some morning inspiration from her Instagram page. We all need a good laugh or some inspiration so we thought we would share it with you! This morning I came across this meme, and it spoke volumes to me:

"I appreciate the things that are molding me into a better woman.

Even if it hurts me or I don't understand it

I need it for who I'm becoming. " - @Female

Always become better, never bitter. No matter what your struggle may be, always believe that you will push through it. You will become stronger, wiser, and become the woman you were meant to be. Never live in the past, for the beauty of life is is that it moves forward and you are blessed to see another day. At times, we may not understand our battles but that is ok. We all face different issues and from my experiences I look back and say, " Wow, if it wasn't for that lesson I learned back then I would not be WHERE or WHO I am today." So appreciate the things that are creating a beautiful YOU! It may hurt or even be a bit confusing at the time but trust me, it will only make you a better woman. From my personal experiences, my hardships have made me the woman I am today - and I think I like who I am becoming. Love yourself first!

xo, Blu