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Ask and You Shall Receive: FASHION FIT DIARIES

Working out is something Hazl and I both wish + say we need to do more often, but always have a hard time actually doing so! I know a lot of you can relate. I mean, I would love to get my six pack back and firm my thighs up, but going to the gym has just been difficult for me. However, Hazl and I made a pact to get back on track! We have set attainable goals and I called up my best friend from New York City to help us all out.

Lauren and I traveled to Capetown, South Africa in 2014 to model and we had the time of our lives. Lauren is a professional model and has recently turned to fitness modeling which lead her to become a personal trainer at Tone House NYC. You may  see Lauren in your local Kohl's stores or Nike stores, as she poses for top fitness brands around the nation or check her out in the latest Women's Health Magazine ( best friend is a pretty big deal people!).

Recently, Lauren and supermodel Jeneil Williams teamed up to inspire you all to stay fit as you follow there easy GO-TO workout routines that can easily be done at home, as well as the gym! There are two videos below; the first video will teach you how to properly stretch and video 2 will get your heart beat racing. Meet Lauren Williams and Jeneil Williams, the creators of "Fashion Fit Diaries." Follow their journeys on Instagram @Lajoy224 & @JeneilWilliams.

You can do it, let's officially embark on this fitness journey together.

Set Goals + Achieve Goals = Satisfaction!



Fashion Fit Diaries is your GO-TO guide for fashion inspired fitness tips. This month we are giving you workouts for each city of fashion week. New York Fashion Week was just the beginning, now it's off to Europe for more fashion! As models, Jeneil and I know what it's like to be super busy and on the road. So, we wanted to bring you a little fitness inspiration to keep you going for fashion week and beyond. We'll have a video for you in each city with moves perfect for your hotel room, the airport, and even backstage! Try them out and let us know how it goes + what you think! Tag us on Instagram @fashionfitdiaries + hashtag #fashionfitdiaries