Kat's Beauty Tips of the Week!


Hi Beauties!

It's October and the fall weather is in full swing! Just like the weather changes with the seasons, my skin is constantly changing along with it all too. For instance, my skin becomes dry + redness tends to seep in unexpected areas! This week I will be sharing with you three very useful products that have helped my skin remain rejuvenated, exfoliated, and renewed for these upcoming chilly seasons.

Kat's Picks of the Week!


Tatcha is an amazing e v e r y d a y exfoliator! One of my favorite aspect about this product is that a little really does go a long way. I normally incorporate Tathca in my nighttime routine after I’ve washed my face + taken all of my makeup off. This exfoliator is super gentle on my skin and leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, and renewed! Ps, the travel size version has lasted me four months thus far! You can find out more about this product here, Tatcha.

Untitle1d s1609833-main-hero-300 The Karuna Clarifying Face Mask is one of my favorite face masks of all. No joke. Whenever my face begins breaking out really bad . . . this is my go-to resolution. The longer you leave Karuna’s Clarifying Face Mask on, I think personally, the more + better effect it has on your skin. When I wake up the next day after using the mask, my acne bumps are much smaller and most of my redness is gone away or simply lessened. The mask is very relaxing and leaves your skin radiant the next day! You can find out more about this product here, Karuna.


If my skin is ever feeling dull or dry, I like to pamper my skin with When Snow Magic Sheet Mask. This beauty product works wonders for sensitive skin and leaves my skin feeling + looking clear. Brighten When Snow Magic simply soothes, brightens and hydrates my skin like no other! This product is perfect for skin during the season changes because this weather can be so harsh at times, implementing this into your daily routine with keep you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. You can find out more about this product here, When Magic.

Remember, you are B E A -U- t i f u l as ever! My top picks this week will keep your skin healthy + radiant for this fall season. I hope you try + love these products and find them just as beneficial as I have! Let me know if they work for you. I would love to hear your feedback! Until next week ladies, stay warm!

XoXo, Kat