Home Sweet Home| Massachusetts

There is not a single thing more perfect that could happen when plans fall through BUT to book a spontaneous 4 AM flight home because let’s be R E A L, home is where my heart forever is and forever will be, a l w a y s! Moving out of state right after graduation has been so bittersweet but stepping out of my comfort zone is exactly what I’ve needed to grow as an individual and come into my own + prosper. From meeting up with friends for the day in Boston to apple picking with my whole family to slumber parties with my little nieces and nephews—this weekend was nothing short of soothing to the soul. Being able to plan this trip home with no one in my family knowing, but Blu, was a b s o l u t e l y one of the most memorable surprises I have ever pulled off. Walking into both of my mum + dad’s work places without giving them any heads up and seeing their reaction was p r i c e l e s s and something that I will never forget! #bestweekendever

I could write for D A Y S about all of the things I did this past weekend, but I’ll keep it short + sweet and just highlight a few of my favorite things!

Best View: Prudential Tower—Boston, MA.

Nothing beats the view from the Prudential Tower overlooking the city of Boston from all angles. It was my first time on the 50th floor and it was breath taking! Walking around the whole floor, reading + learning little fun facts of Boston was definitely something that I suggest you do while in Boston, even if it’s just once—do it. You have HAVE to!

Fave* Find on Newbury Street: Puma “Suede Classic—Solange” Sneaker

S p e e c h l e s s. Just search this name in your browser, click the snapdragon—team gold color + try not to drool. Enough said. Actually, no. Just click here! No need to thank me, you're welcome. ILY2. #obsessed

Best Activity: Apple Picking—Red Apple Farm in Athol, MA.

It’s officially October and fall in is full swing. You know what that means in New England? Apple picking! Yes, why but of course. It has become a family tradition to round the troops and head to Red Apple Farm and spend a few hours strolling up + down the apple tree isles laughing, picking and simply enjoy the fun of the apple farm! This, by far, is one of my top five f a v o r i t e things about fall.

Best Exercise Adventure: Wachusett Mountain State Reservation

There are various paths + trails to hike at Wachusett Mountain but my parents are pros! My parent’s hike with our three huskies (Bella, Rocky, and Daisy) every weekend and OF course, I was game for a Sunday morning hike along with my six-year-old niece! Yes, she made it to the top with only one dire need of a water break and I once she saw the view from the top, she said and I quote, “I am never do this A G A I N, like never!” It was the best five-mile hike with such a pretty rewarding view (we even saw the Boston skyline, wow!)

Fave* Outfit Worn

The weather in MA was not so "Hazl-friendly" to say the least and I did not quite pack a “fall jacket" so I had to do what I had to do with what I had. As per usual, I packed for about a month (although I was only home for about five days) and Y E S, I made it work!

Hat: H&M

Long-sleeve Shirt: Forever21


Watch: Michael Kors


Shoes: Zara

Purse: Gucci


Best Nutrition Spot: sweetgreen—Boston, MA.

Sorry friends, sweetgreen is far too special + A M A Z I N G to be kept short and sweet. To hear me gush all about my new found FAVE nutrition spot, click here.

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