I am so dang g u i l t y of discovering + looking up products, telling myself you must try this but then for some odd reason, I never get around to actually finding or trying it. This happens frequently to the point where I will be interested in a product so much that I do a little research, get swooned over the health benefits and make a mental not of the brand name so when I’m out and about (if I see it) I’ll snag one (or multiple, usually a l w a y s multiple!) But honestly, it’s not until I see this certain product plastered all over my Instagram feed and become so dang envious of all my beloved nutrition friends  via social media who are trying it (we’re totally 100% friends in Hazl’s world, LOL) that I actually set out on a mission to find, try and fall in L O V E. That is exactly what happened with my newfound love for Kombucha! I was reading up about what “kombucha” is a few months ago + loved all aspects of it. I made a mental note to grab a bottle when I was out at the grocery stores but never actually did . . . . . . . until I began to see GT’s Kombucha all over my Instagram feed (no joke) I was like, “oh my goodness, see! Kombucha is a B I G deal and I need to try it ASAP.” Within days I tried multiple bottles by a few different brands and whole-heartedly love and enjoy everything about Kombucha! And yes, I did have to get used to the taste at first and that little sting of fermented probiotics that it gives off.

Long story short, Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea-based probiotic drink that provides healthful micronutrients along with bacteria that is beneficial to digestion, detoxification and immunity boosters! I Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast (sounds c o m p l e t e l y coo-coo huh? It’s not, I promise) It is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO + 100% raw and organic! Kombucha is full of nourishment for the body, sparks your taste buds, and gives you that extra little spark you may be missing on a day-to-day basis. I believe that Komucha certainly has the properties within to make you healthier, stronger + smile wider. “It is living food for a living body,” said GT’s Komucha Founder.

Take a quick click and learn more about this brand of Kombucha that is (hands down) one of my top favorites: http://www.synergydrinks.com