I flew into Boston at about 10 AM and headed straight into the city with my girlfriend to meet up with my middle school BFF—yes, my longest and best 11+ year long friendship! The weather definitely was not “ideal” to be strolling the streets of the city but H E Y, we only live once and a little rain + wind was not going to stop me from finally getting to try sweetgreen for the first time. Long story short, it was L O V E at first sight. From their cute little curb appeal to their sweetgreen aroma’s flowing through the air as I stepped foot into the quaint little spot—I was sold. Call me crazy, but I can usually judge within the first 60 seconds of being in a restaurant if I’ll genuinely like it or not . . . sweetgreen hit it out of the park for me!

They offer a creative menu where you can either create your own salad mix or choose one of their already created specialties. The workers were so friendly and warm + welcoming and especially helpful to all newbies!

Their selection of salad add-in’s were nothing of what I have ever experienced . . . I seriously wanted to add E V E R Y option possible from grains to brussels to bean sprouts to beets, but I controlled my every temptation and just added a few (this time). I was in heaven and ordered their seasonal salad special of curry cauliflower with kale greens + so many mix-ins! Of course, I was far too in the moment to take pictures of my food before it was devoured, in record time but T R U S T me I will be back! #crazynutritiongal #sweetgreenMA

*Q U I C K little tidbit: sweetgreen was created by three students yearning for somewhere “healthy” to eat. Their goal was simple: to connect with people through food and that is e x a c t l y what sweegreen has accomplished! This remarkable company has been thriving for over eight years now and flourished into an amazing community of its own—(this is pure inspiration: their story.) From educating forth + fifth graders within public school systems about healthy eating to making strong and life-long partnerships with incredibly hardworking farmers, I am officially O B S E S S E D with sweetgreen and cannot wait until my next visit. And, did I mention that you can ORDER ONLINE!? Y E S, you can. Try it. Find a location near you and I promise you will NOT r e g r e t it. #4everlovingsweetgreen #numer1fan

Everything about sweetgreen is fresh, locally sourced + nutritious and just down right simply i n c r e d i b l e. What I adore most about sweetgreen is their dedication and love for farm, to table sustainable cooking + eating! sweetgreen serves local + organic food cultivated by farmers who they know and especially trust! (*you must watch this, I immediately fell in love even more—sweetest farmer's story.)

Once I got back to my house in MA and took the time to read + learn more about sweetgreen, I was simply in amazement of how these three friends had a little idea that has grown into such an incredible story, business, and love affair for all parties involved.



Head on over to sweetgreen.com to find out more information, menu items + their endeavors of all things sweetgreen related awesomeness!