Rose Gold Friday

There isn't ANYthing that makes me go a little (more like v e r y) loony than a pair of dope kicks! I've always had a love for heels, wedges and those little ankle boots + everything in between but lately my D I R E need and l o v e for sneakers has grown. And when I say grown—I mean, literally, started from the bottom now we're here—party of 1 + a closet full of sneakers! I (always) find it 100% necessary to continue expanding my collection by ANY means necessary. And let's be real, I never let Blu steer me a w a y from a new purchase (although her advice is sensible + my bank account may or may not just totally agree with her) I just #cantstopwontstop!

It's F R I D A Y and what else would I style than a pair of rose gold kicks? The minute I saw my sister's BFF (thank YOU Kassia!) from high school post these bad boys on her Instagram (it was over) I searched + found these sneakers in the kid's section at J. CREW + hopefully they have a size left that'll fit you too!

Shirt: Zara

Skirt: Jay Godfrey

Shoes: New Balance