Revolution Doughnuts| Decatur, GA


Before I even begin, I know. I know. I’m apologizing before hand so we "donut" get out of control after devouring these heavenly delights (I am so sorry!) I know doughnuts are NOT the most nutritious things of all but I do respectfully believe in M O D E R A T I O N, you have to! And there’s no better time to pull out the “moderation” card than celebrating your BFF of 11+ years 24th birthday! Woo! E V E R since I’ve been in Georgia, I remember sitting on the couch my first week here + literally typed into my web browser: best doughnut shops in Atlanta and of course my search was flowing with countless little doughnut shops . . . . . . . . low and behold—Revolution Doughnuts! #obsessed

Let me just tell you, after clicking to their website, my computer may or MAY not have experienced a little bit of Hazl drool . . . . . . just kidding (not really) but honestly, the pictures of their doughnuts was the first thing that I saw and wow. Just wow, wow + W O W.

And they weren't just "any kind" of pictures but real life-size doughnuts, to the point where I could literally count the amount of almonds on their toasted almond doughnut or even the amount of sprinkles on their raspberry sprinkle doughnut.

Just click here, scroll + try not to drool. It’s impossible. You're welcome. ILY.

I finally caved and took the plunge + ventured off to Decatur for these sweet little treats to surprise my BFF with a luscious selection of doughnuts for a doughnut birthday cake! #its2015 and doughnuts are in!

As I stepped into the shop, I was greeted by a genuine smile and a sweet compliment from the worker about how much she loved my purse (that sold me, she was precious + so quickly helped me fall in love even M O R E with their place.) I arrived around 3 o’clock and learned quickly that their doughnuts FLY off the shelves early in the morning + afternoon! #mentalnottaken

Although I didn’t see a few of the doughnuts I had put down on my must try list—there was still enough doughnuts to go around! I ended up ordering a ½ dozen because let's be real (I really wanted to order a full dozen) but my BFF is a fitness guru and would have K I C K E D my butt with all the extra temptation!

Revolution Doughnuts are not too pricey at all, in fact, I feel like they could be selling these little rounds of heaven for d o u b l e of what they are because, no joke, they pictures you see on their website is EXACTLY what you see on their showcase shelves. So scrumptious + so consistent, how could A N Y O N E go wrong?

As I was finally able to narrow it down to just six doughnuts, I ordered a:

  • Buttermilk Bar (cake style)
  • Salted Caramel (baked cake)
  • Raspberry Sprinkle (yeast style, V)
  • Dark Chocolate (yeast style, V)
  • Cinnamon Sugar (yeast style, V) + this was hands D O W N my fave*
  • Vanilla Bean (yeast style, V)

What I loved most about this company was their story + their passion and dedication to serve us moderation lovers sweet treats that are handmade, all natural, sensitive to allergies and just down right R E A L food. Revolution Doughnuts is a small family-owned (and operated bakery) that has only flourished since they opened in 2012. The word Revolution refers to their “dedication to hand-crafted food—to food made by people and NOT machine—to making all of our doughnuts, glazes, and fillings from scratch + using real food ingredients in our recipes: organic flour, local dairy, fresh fruit, natural flavor extracts, and 100% trans-far free vegetable oil.” How could you not F A L L in love with this establishment? #officiallyaFAN + you can even find Revolution Doughnuts at local farmer’s markets on the weekends! #youmustry #justdoit #youwon'tregretit

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