Sneakers with a Dress?


I have become so (overly) a d d i c t e d to sneakers, it's bad. Very bad, real bad Michael Jackson (Kanye West voice!) I've never ever, and I mean E V E R been a girl to throw on a pair of sneakers and just go! Nope. Never, unless I was playing in a basketball game. Literally. Playing basketball was the O N L Y time I would wear a pair of kicks, no joke. Now fast forward almost two years later and look what we have here, #sneakerhead #sneakers4POTUS. Sneakers have become a very big passion + spending habit of mine. I’ve been throwing on a pair of kicks for a late night dessert trip to Intermezzo (it's must try, cake heaven) to E V E N whipping out a pair of sneaks to wear with a fun little dress out—for all my sneaker junkies, these next few style posts are for Y O U!

This week I’ll be showing you beauties how I style a variety of sneakers! I like to have fun + be daring with how I style my sneakers and have started to throw on a pair of kicks with literally a n y t h i n g. Try it! It's kinda really fun, I promise you'll love it. I personally just canNOT get over the comfort level + cuteness it brings to an outfit. Here’s my first look with just a little sporty black and gray dress with a lace detail to keep it flirty and girly, my favorite!

How do you style your sneakers!? I want to see + hear all about how you style yours!

Dress: Zara

Purse: Coach

Sneakers: Reebok