Wachusett Mountain| Princeton, Massachusetts


For family fun, a great workout and incredible views, you must visit Wachusett Mountain if you’re in the Princeton/Westminster, Massachusetts’s area. Wachusett Mountain is actually a ski resort, but for the rest of the seasons it is

an exquisite hike full of breathtaking views. I personally have never been skiing before so I cannot tell you how the mountain is during the winters, but I do have friends that ski there avidly during the winters and have a blast. For now, I enjoy a five-mile hike with my family and dogs to the top of Wachusett Mountain.

In addition, Wachusett Mountain offers a variety of different trails to hike from. For instance, if you want to go for a brisk steady stroll up the mountain you can do so; or if you want to get a bit grittier and use your hands to climb the mountains there is a trail for you as well. I love the fact that some days my family and I go the easy route admiring the leaves changing colors, taking pictures, and having fun. Whereas other days when we really want to work up a sweat we take the harder route, get a little dirty, and feel more accomplished after completing that climb. On our easy route up the mountain, there is a halfway point where you can rest, take pictures, and get a spectacular view of Massachusetts (my favorite part).

Furthermore, if you’re not into fitness or don’t have time for a hike you can always drive your car up the mountain or take a lift straight up to the top of Wachusett. Regardless of the means of transportation you take, the top of Wachusett Mountain is breathtaking and worth the trip. I find it beautiful to view my state from such high altitude, viewing the cityscape of Boston and getting a great workout all in a day's work. I love being outdoors and hiking is such a fun way to stay fit while enjoying the scenery. Currently, fall, in my opinion, is the best time to hike Wachusett Mountain simply because of the colors of the leaves changing. So again, if you’re in the Princeton/Westminster area this fall and before the snow starts piling in Massachusettes, head on over to Wachusett Mountain and enjoys a beautiful hike full of spectacular views.

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