Sleepless in Atlanta


Can you ever not sleep at night because you have a million things on your mind? If so, you’re not the only one. Before I lay down at night I swear a thousand things rush to my mind at once. Good things, nonetheless. Ideas, projects or jobs that I really want to start working on, it’s like my creative mind works best at midnight in my bed while spooning (I have the best “spooner” in the world). Maybe because at this moment in time I feel at peace, protected by the one I love in a comfortable setting with what at once was a clear mind. So to solve this issue I’ve been facing I have discovered a solution that works for me, and hopefully can work for you too – write it down! Aside my bed, I now keep a notepad a pen and my current favorite book, “ The Woman I Wanted to be,” by Diane von Furstenberg. When I can’t sleep at night I simply get my pen and pad out and start writing everything on my mind at that moment. I even end up drawing ideas, or ways in which I dream of accomplishing the specific goal at hand. Writing things down is a powerful tool. The power of speaking dreams or goals into existence, I believe, is very real.

In addition, this past weekend I created a vision board of all my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations as an everyday reminder. I took several magazines lying around the house and created words, visuals, and images of things that I want to achieve in the next six months. I cut the pages out, glued it to a blank canvas, and hung it on my wall close to my bed so when I wake it is the first thing I see, and when I sleep it is the last thing I see, my vision on a board. Does this really work though is the question? For me, I believe it does and so far I have accomplished a couple goals thus far. Having a constant visual reminder helps me start my days and envision my dreams at night. Whether you write, draw or paste your goals, do so and watch your goals come to life.

Xo, Blu