Home for Halloween| Massachusetts


Over this past Halloween weekend, as I see all of the people that I went to school with gear up for Halloween—strategically planning their three day weekend + their costumes for each night and what club is going to the be the most "lit" or which house party is a *must attend—I could NOT have been any H A P P I E R to book my flight home to spend this pumpkin-filled weekend with my little nieces and nephews + whole family! #ROLLE4life When I realized I was able to get the weekend off of work (thank YOU *Cinthya, you the real MVP) I was simply ecstatic! My best days spent are when I'm laughing, loving and living life with my family. Every minute of everyday I spend with them makes my life just that much more worth living. Simply put, they're my E V E R Y T H I N G!

This Halloscream weekend was one for the books! Not only did my nieces and nephews dress up, but so didn't my two brothers + Blu and I dressed up too. It was hilarious and just downright a w e s o m e! Looking at the picture above, from left to right, my niece Jaela dressed up as Frankie from Monster High, Alivia was Mavis from Transylvania, my nephew Jaxon was the precious Knight in Shining Armour, and Jadan was Batman. Helping + seeing them get ready was my favorite part and honestly, I'm such at a loss for words when trying to write and express just how much fun I had + how much I am so healthily O B S E S S E D with all four of them! I'm pretty sure I got 0% sleep (or what it seems like) because slumber partying all weekend + their early wake UP calls at 7AM were crazy, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! #bestweekendever

S I D E N O T E: My younger brother Elijah was El Chico, my older brother Xavier dressed up as Phantom Menace, Blu was the Disney princess Belle and I was Dead Annie (or in other words, a zombie maid OR "bloody mary" as my nephew Jaedan called my costume.)

The best part of this weekend was getting to spend time with my little ones and just being around my whole family! My parents are my heart, my grandparents are simply amazing and my siblings just light up my while life! From special requested Oreo pancakes in the morning to mid-day park + FroYo runs to just watching spooky Goosebump movies per their request, I could NOT get e n o u g h. I didn't want to leave. I never do. Sunday crept up W A Y too quickly!

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