Don't Believe the HYPE!


SOCIAL MEDIA is a FACADE, I repeat SOCIAL MEDIA is a FACADE. Don't believe the hype!To some users, social media is a means of income. To others, social media is an outlet to show off your new expensive shoes or cars. Some use social media to brag about their significant others while others utilize it to create funny pop culture memes that attract thousands of followers. Many bloggers have started their business from social media while others have started a page to solely bully others. I say all this to say, there are both positives and negatives to social media, however, remember it is only an image that we are viewing. An image that does not define who that person is, or where they come from. An image that does not expose their flaws or bad days. It's an image that has probably been photoshopped or filtered a couple times to appease the public. Remember, social media is a facade. Users post what they want people to believe. In no way is that their reality, remember that. Instagram, twitter, or facebook is a platform based on numbers. The higher the numbers the more popular one becomes, in a virtual world, NOT a real world. I find my friends or peers getting caught up in the "hype," claiming they want more followers or more likes. WHO CARES!? Why do you care about what other people think that you don't even know? None of these people are concerned about your livelihood, so why even fuss about "likes."  If YOU like what you're posting that is all that should matter. People tend to get sucked up in a world created by a bunch of nobody's that have nothing better to do but to jump on people's pages, double-tap or comment. Don't allow others to effect your experience with social media.

Remember, appeasing others will never create self-love. Appease yourself, make yourself happy, don't be a follower. DO YOU and STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. Enjoy social media and learn from social media. Make friends and network. Follow your passion and enjoy each social platform. Do not let the negatives outweigh the positives. And as my man always says, "NEVER let a nobody, become a somebody."

Remember, don't believe the hype!

Xo, Blu