P is for P I Z Z A


If I wear this shirt, do you think a pizza fairy will fly me over a cheese slice deep-dish style E V E N though it's not a cheat day? I'm a believer. Please! Yes. #Desperate4Gluten Although I'm a firm believer of nutrition (it's my obsession) I strongly do believe in moderation because let's be real, what's life without a little gluten? Sorry, I am not sorry AT all, lol. Sometimes I let my cravings get the B E S T of me so much that I just canNOT help but listen to my inner gluten demons!

H O W E V E R, don't be fooled. It may be gluten but trust me, all the toppings are perfectly tailored to uphold my need + love for nutrition! I have a recipe coming soon for all of you beauties to satisfy your gluten craving without straying too far from a nutritiously tailored meal. #StayTuned

When I saw this shirt as I was roaming aimlessly through Forever21 earlier this week, I didn't have to convince myself too much on this purchase because I mean, who doesn't love a dope tee with one of your favorite words on it? Guilty, I'm addicted.

Here's a fun outfit that I would most certainly "go grab drinks" in or even go on a date in! It's 100% comfortable, fun and a bomb conversation starter. Add a leather jacket and you'll be killin' the game in no time!

Hat: Target, here

T-shirt: Forever21

Purse: Chloé

Pants: TOPSHOP, here

Heels: Zara, similar style here

[URIS id=3009]