Alessia Cara = OBSESSED!


"Oh when I overdooooooose," I scream as my alter ego "Leyoncé" comes out during my road trip as I sing along to the most amazing album by Alessia Cara, Know-It-All. Ps, the song is about an OVERDOSE on LOVE - don't get it twisted.I did not know who Alessia Cara was until Hazl introduced her to me on our Apple Music app, and I instantly fell in love with her music. Talk about a beautiful voice, amazing lyrics, and an awesome young artist. Alessia Cara's album, Know-It-All, is for the everyday woman that are facing everyday struggles, that see the light in life, and that just keep going. Her music is so relative to a lot of young women. She speaks on what we go through in relationships, heartbreak, self-esteem issues and all other things "girl talk". Trust me, her sultry voice and her strong messages in each song will uplift you, allow you to relate to her pain, and simply be inspired. My favorite songs on her album are, "Overdose" (great relationship break-up song type),  "Scars to your Beautiful" (amazing self-esteem uplifting lyrics) and her hit "Here" ( a song about being YOU and not following the crowd).

This young rising artist who's only 19 has a budding career ahead of her that I sure will be following. Find out more about Alessia Cara HERE.

Xo, Blu