Week 4: AB Killer WEDNESDAY!


Week 4 of our ab workouts and Lauren is ready to provide you with a five-minute killer ab meltdown that will keep those abs defined throughout the holidays. If you missed week 3, click here because week 4 is KILLER... I hope you're prepared for it! Week 4 is a 5-minute ab workout that will work out your entire core! In this video, Lauren uses a medicine ball to up the intensity. Ladies, Lauren is getting it in this week. Watch the workout video, 5 Minute Killer Ab Workout and let us know how you're feeling!

Let's get fit ladies and stay healthy throughout the holiday season.

Remember to follow Lauren's fitness journey, @Lajoy224.

Thanks to Lauren I know that I'm almost ready to hit Punta Cana in my bikini for New Years Eve!


Xo, Blu