B L A C K Friday


Let's just be honest here, I wait for Black Friday ALL year long just as much as I wait for those infamous dinner rolls coming fresh out of the oven every Thanksgiving dinner. #RealLife I wish I was J O K I N G (and I'm 100% cringing as I type this) but those 4 and a half dinner rolls before actual Thanksgiving dinner yesterday kicked my butt to Antarctica + back! I have not had THAT much gluten all up in my face space in lords know how long (insert emoji eye-roll here). The Hazl yesterday was loving it, but let's keep it real, the Hazl today is croaking one stomach cramp at a time! #soworthit #butwasitreally? #debatable

LOL, any who . . . . . B L A C K F R I D A Y is officially amongst my top 5 favorite holidays, yes ma'am! Wait, is it even a "holiday" though—I'm uncertain about that answer, BUT (in my world) it counts. #welcometotheHazlholidayclub

First things first, mum + I game plan our way through the flyers strategically making sure we Christmas shop for each of the little ones in our family because YES—we get all of my nieces and nephews Christmas shopping done, done, and D O N E within the first few hours of Black Friday shop. It's the best. Ever. And lifts that humungous weight of anxiety of having to last minute shop for Christmas right off of our shoulders.

This year was the F I R S T time I have ever shopped for *myself on Black Friday. Although I always scope of the killer deals for the littles—I could not help but drool over the fact that Zara has 30% the entire store (hello heaven, it's me) + Urban Outfitters took an extra 40% items if you were a UO member, which let's be real . . . are you even living if you aren't a member? No. Sorry. I forget all of the trillion sales that were going on but I was in shopper h e a v e n!

I spent the day with the most fun little two squad that kept me going and backed E V E R Y single one of my decisions (although my bank account was running in the opposite direction) and we horribly topped our day off with the ever so special food court Chinese food for the W I N—as I shouldn't have but since the holidays are all about indulging . . . . . . . can't stop won't stop!

Here's a fun and completely shop-till-you-drop friendly little outfit that got me through a sleepless night filled with laughs, too many debit card swipes, and just the *best car rides moon chasing + bumping the best playlists through that auxiliary cord. #YAS

Hat: Target

Fur Vest: H&M

Turtle Neck: Hollister, *thanks Blu

Pants: Zara

Booties: H&M

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