Jumping into the Holidays


Jumping into the holidays with this gorgeous jumpsuit because I mean, c'mon, who doesn't geek out over a statement + perfectly fitting and forever stunning jumpsuit? If you said, "not me", I may or may not be rethinking our relationship . . . . . kidding, but in all honestly we L O V E a killer jumpsuit! Today, we're bringing you an awesome company called AQAQ + their website has magnificent statement pieces that you will so quickly make yourself feel the necessity to add their pieces to your wardrobe! Click the link, now. You will not regret it. #ScrollGameStrong

This all black jumpsuit with a little stomach detail is to D I E for! I could have slept in this for three days straight (am I exaggerating?) that's how much I did NOT want to take it off—I 100% croaked + came back to life when Blu popped the tags off and told me to put it on. She let me wear it F I R S T, before she even had the chance to test-drive it herself . . . . . what. #YOLO

Jumpsuit: AQAQ, here

Necklace: Old Navy—*black Friday find

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