L-o L-o L-o L-o VE!


For all you lovers out there, this message I stumbled across from @pinelopis, defines L-O-V-E! Love is an incredible word. Think about it. One word can make someone smile, cry, yell, jump, hide, grow and the list goes on. The word love is so powerful and has so many different meanings. But when I came across this meme, it made me stop for a second and think.Love is an action, not just a word. Love is an action that a lover must act upon and be consistent in doing so. The meme then highlights how it's the little things that count and that little thing is what leaves an imprint on one's heart forever. Lastly, it states that one must water their love in order to watch it grow into something magnificent. WOW! Read the last sentence one more time. I think that may be the issue nowadays in love. Whether it is a love for a husband/wife, mother/daughter, or love for a career one MUST pour all of your love into it in order to watch it flourish, regardless of how difficult it may become. The road to love is not always an easy one and I'm sure there will be a lot of challenges along the way, but don't quit on love. Be patient with love. Remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side, yet the grass is green where YOU WATER IT. Love! Love is an incredible feeling. Love is what most of us all yearn for. This meme to me was a reminder that no matter what or who you're loving that you must be showing love consistently, constantly working to improve love, and always putting in an effort to watch love grow.

I LOVE ALL LOVE, and I truly believe in a world of so much hate and violence we need more of it. Currently, I'm discovering the importance of self-love and I truly believe this love is the most important love of them all. Love is a journey, love is an action, and most importantly love is what you feel in your heart. Don't be afraid of love, rather embrace love. Love yourself first and foremost and I believe the universe will conspire to surround you with incredible beings and experiences filled with love. I love you!

Xo, Blu