New Year = New Travel


Sooooo.... what are you guys doing for New Years Eve? Any plans? Traveling anywhere?Hazl and I took a short holiday break to spend time with family and to celebrate Hazl's birthday. A break from the social world of things is sometimes needed in this day in age, and in all honesty it feels good to step out of it once in a while. But... WE'RE BACK! I'm ready to finish 2015 with a bang and jump to one of my favorite travel destinations, the Dominican Republic. Often times when we travel to the DR we visit Casa de Campo, but this year we are visiting Punta Cana first then to Casa de Campo and I can not wait. Sun, beach, music and great food is all I need!

So what am I bringing on my New Year's Eve Dominican Republic travel trip? Check out my must haves for Punta Cana New Years Eve 2016.


KISS MY FACE SUNSCREENView Here. This sunscreen is great for your skin! Its has no parabans, no phythalates, no SLS, and no artificial fragrances which means it's totally vegan friendly.

KISS MY FACE LIP BALMView Here. I have learned the hard way with my lips being in the sun for too long and waking up the next day with two swollen duck lips - not cute! This Kiss My Face Lip Balm is a must have. It goes on smooth and protects your lips from the sun rays!

Coyuchi Mediterranean Beach TowelsView Here. As you all now, Hazl is big into the organic scene and slowly but surely it's rubbing off on me. I found these amazing 100% cotton organic beach towels online at and I am in love with them. The feeling of the cotton and the light texture is perfect for traveling.

Quay Australia SunglassesView Here. If you want a hot, stylish pair of sunglasses with an AMAZING price point, Quay is the way to go. Hazl and I have collected so many pairs of sunglasses from Quay over the year and I must say I am obsessed. The styles are trendy, the frames are fun, and they just look gorgeous on your face. Quay all day baby!

Ishine 365View Here. For the hottest bikinis all on one site, visit Ishine 365 online to get access to great brands such as Frankie's Bikinis, Acaia, and Mikoh. I love being able to view different brands of bikinis on one site and they just so happen to be the brands I love.