Monday Meme'ing


Don't sleep on yourself. Say it, believe it, understand it + know it. Forever. Don't forget it.

There wasn't a more perfectly fitting meme for L I F E than this one I spotted scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks back. I saw it, read it, and was instantly insulted in so many ways for sleeping on myself for months on months on months.

The exact words that ran through my head 100 miles a minute (literally) were, "W A I T, what's going on here? Why aren't I my biggest fan, cheerleader, supporter, motivator, and self-lover? Why am I sleeping on myself as if I'm no good? I'm not a bad person, am I? Why am I letting things get me so far down that I feel like I'll never be able to climb out of this little dark hole I've slipped into when really, it all should be water under the bridge by now? SHUT UP, what you doing with your life?"

Don't sleep on yourself.

I so strongly feel that too many times we (more specifically I) let life get the best of us and once we get kicked down, we unfortunately *keep allowing ourselves to get kicked down over and over + even harder and harder for far too long to the point where it then becomes a vicious cycle.

It's like, we can see glimpses of hope where we have few "clear" + happy, fun-filled days back to back, but then two weeks later it feels as if our life is back to having a gray, puffy massive rain cloud over it in everything we're doing that'll literally just N E V E R stop pouring, thunder storming, and lightening all over it . . . . . . . . LOL, I may or may not be being dramatic with that last statement but not a chance at all because 100% that's the reality.

Don't sleep on yourself.

Yes, you went through a horrid break-up that you never thought you'd ever experience, but it happened. Stop trying to learn to still accept it a year later, because now you just need to *accept it, appreciate it and smile. Know that when people walk away from you, it's for a reason. Let them go. Don't try and stop them, just let them go on their merry way! Know it's your time to shine as a #partyof1 + love every moment of it. No one is a better you than Y O U are! #preach #lifemotto

Julia Roberts said a bold statement, " when people walk away from you, let them. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over."

Like, T I M E O U T . . . . . how more perfectly fitting? This for me just stand true in intimate relationships, but so much with friendships as well. If a friend is willing to walk away after years of bestfriendship, let them. As much as it hurts and as must as you do not nearly even understand, let them. Trust me. You'll thank yourself (and me) later.

Don't sleep on yourself.

You got a bad grade on a final exam, dang. Don't get so down on yourself that you just watch movies for the rest of the day, night or weekend. You just have to learn + be more in-tune with yourself and realize which studying methods provide you with the best results that you are striving for. You forget to put deodorant on before work, whoops. Life isn't over. You just have to survive this shift and you'll be back in your car driving home in no time, I promise. You graduate, move to a whole new city, and score a killer internship. A W E S O M E, but then when it ends . . . . . . why are you so down on yourself as if you're not going anywhere and let yourself crawl back into a gray rainy cloud? NO. Stop. Not okay.

Don't sleep on yourself.

I am so beyond guilty of the above paragraph + so much more, but I've finally come to a point in my life where I just want to be happy, love myself, meet amazing new people, cherish life for all that it's worth, and *most importantly stop sleeping on myself because there's no time to sleep. Life has been passing me far too quickly that I feel (more often than not) that I don't even have control over it.

You have goals, achieve them. You have dreams, believe in them. You have passions, live them out. You have love, share it. You have skills, utilize them. You have ideas, write them down. You have travel goals, travel.

Don't sleep on yourself.

I'm not "hooting and hollering" about myself in this post by any means (let's be real) but what I am doing is telling the negative thoughts, beliefs and everyday voices in my head to HUSH because I'm done sleeping on myself. So dang done! I've come to a point where, in all these years in my life that have flew by + I've been though my fair share of "life" (as has everyone else) I'm accepting it, smiling, and looking to the bright lights ahead. Believe in yourself, because if you don't . . . . . who will?

I'm back and I'm better, *Bryson Tiller voice! #i'mback #notime2waste #newyearbetterme