Two Men and a Truck


I DO NOT LIKE MOVING! I can not stand it, I hate thinking about it, I hate every part of the idea about moving because that means packing/unpacking, assembling/dissassembling, cleaning and more cleaning and the LIST goes ON! Jeesh!  I wish Joy (the inventor of the Miracle Mop) could invent robots that move every piece of furniture exactly where you invision it in your mind and color coordinate all your clothes in your closet. I totally understand why people say moving is one of the top 3 all time stressors. Hazl and I have been moving for the past week and I am so over it (although I love our new home!) So, I asked myself this one question, "What could we have done to make this move A LOT easier?" In my head, I just wish I hired 10 people to do it all for me. Here's what I came up with.


Label everything! Label every box, every bag, and every container. Labeling allows you to know exactly where and what your moving and in which room you can drop it in.

Tip 2: Leave all of your clothes on the hangers! This makes life so much easier when reorganizing your new closet. Keep the hangers ON trust me!

Tip 3: Wrap your fragile items so you don't cry when your favorite vase breaks. TRUE STORY! I know sometimes we rush during a move, but with glass and any valuables, make sure they are packed and wrapped with care, and label it fragile so the movers know.

Tip 4:Buy extra boxes! Do not OVERPACK a box or a container because you will NOT be able to move it on your own. If you have extra boxes it just makes the load lighter and easier to manage. Oh - and don't forget to buy plenty of tape (Hazl definitely forgot!).

Tip 5: Contact a moving company! Now when I say contact a moving company it's as simple as seaching on Google. Always read the companies reviews and rates! Some charge mileage, while others just charge by the hour. Make sure you know what you're paying for and ALWAYS barter your price.

So far 5 tips are all that I have. We are still in the moving process so I'm sure I'll have more tips to share with you! Woooo-SAHHHH...I can't wait to show you our new home!

Xo, Blu