My latest music obsession: Kehlani

Literally. Not even exaggerating when I say I am O B S E S S E D with Kehlani's album You Should Be Here because really, you should be here—friends, ex's, passed away loved ones and even admirers from afar.

This album is the only thing I've been religiously (100%) playing for the past week or so from start to finish over and over and O V E R again (actually, I'm lying—it's probably been much longer than just a mere two weeks) but let's just go with it. #sorrynotsorryBlu

From start to finish, her album is LIFE. Easily. Hands down. It may or may not be the soundtrack to my life? Am I pushing it? No. Stop. Not nearly, but in all seriousness . . . . . . . . if you honestly had to ask yourself who + what even is "Kehlani"—I may or may not be questioning your existence? Like, what. WHO ARE YOU.

Kidding. Type her name into your Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify or which ever legal (or illegal) source you get your music from and hit play. Quadruple dog dare you. Her music is fresh, speaks such beauty in truth + realness, and basically gives you a little *glimpse into the up's and down's of life that is SO relatable. From losing a loved one that meant the world to you to ending a relationship to longing for things you once had . . . she's simply D O P E, #fangirl101.

My ultimate F A V O R I T E + most *replayed song is the last hit on the album—Alive (feat. Coucheron)—the minute it starts (I cringe) "rain is good for the soul, crazy how I feel the most warm when it's cold." Yes. I'm dead (figuratively) because this is life in a nutshell—there's no chance of growing without rain. #PREACH

After a few verses, she says: "it's like something has to die, to help you realize . . . dang I feel alive"—like stop, Kehlani . . . . . you the real MVP for that one + I'm going to leave you with her beautifully said golden little words that 100% truly reveal why I adore the color cobalt now + how it really is: "we were in a weird place, crazy how a person you love can just change—now I am learning to realize we needed our space—I can never hurt you, we used to great. You used to say, what goes around comes around so fast, now just look at the way, I'm moving on and you're stuck in the past—I deserve a bow, that is 'gonna last, but until then I will just raise this glass and dang I feel alive."

"I know it's hard, but it's worth it." #youshouldbehere