L-A-S Vegaaaaaaaaas


LAS VEGAS BABY! This city is just full of excitment. The weather, the people, the day life, the night life, the shopping, the adventures... the list goes on! Luckily, I get to work there next week for a few days. So what do I pack when I go to Vegas? Check out my top 5 must haves for VEGAS BABY!

  1. A sexy dress! Vegas is a sexy city, perfect for date nights and girl's nights. I always bring 2-3 dresses because you just never know what may happen in Vegas, so I'm always prepared for a fun night or a romantic date.
  2. Comfortable walking sneakers. If you're like me, you like to explore. During the day I like to walk up and down the boardwalk, shopping and checking out different hotels. I tried wearing heels once doing this, and I failed tremendously. I was walking like "THAT girl." So from then on, I always bring a comfortable pair of kicks to wear during day adventures in Vegas.
  3. Camera. I bring a camera everywhere I travel and I definitely always bring one to Vegas. Bring your camera to capture memories you may not remember tomorrow (Vegas can get you a little tipsy). Vegas has amazing impersonators on the strip, the Bellagio has the awesome water show, and also IF you get off the strip and go check out the grand canyon you got to have your camera! Do not forget you camera.
  4. Bathing Suit. I believe Vegas may have the hottest pool parties in the country. I always bring a bathing suit no matter what. Whether you're going to a fun day party or you're going to the hot tub at night - always bring a bathing suit.
  5. Money! Bring money to shop, eat, and go to the amazing shows the strip has to offer. Vegas has so much to do and I hate missing out on anything, especially after a five hour plane ride. If you're a planner, plan your trip and create a budget, that's what I do. Oh, and I'm a gambler so I always bring money to leave Vegas with more money (Blackjack all day!). Luck be a laddddddddy next week!


XO, Blu