Power Meme Monday


Your mind is a powerful thing. Realize that and it will truly change your world. Sidenote: Have you ever read the book, “The Secret?” If you haven’t, you should. The book pretty much explains how powerful your mind is. It suggests what you believe and practice in your mind is what will become. I think this meme from @Selflovemantras expresses just that; your mind controls your day to day outcomes because your thoughts lead your days. Think about it. If you’re having a bad day for instance, you woke up late for work, don’t dwell on it. Make a phone call, apologize, and get there as soon as you can safely. Don’t keep dwelling on the fact that you accidentally woke up late. It was an accident. Let it go and carry on with your day. Instead of thinking, “Oh my gosh, my boss is going to be so mad. I can’t believe I woke up late,” change your negative thoughts to, “ Ok, how am I going to make up for my time out this morning. Maybe I’ll stay 30 minutes later to make-up for the time missed.” Problem solved. Instead of having a bad day, change your thoughts and have a more productive day in the office. Change your thoughts; it will change your life.

Personally, I have issues with controlling my mind because I worry a lot. This year I am learning to control what I can control and let whatever else is suppose to happen take course. Since I am a worry wart, I often times think negative and my mind drives me crazy. Instead of looking for the positive I dwell on the negative and unfortunately this mind game became a habit. I think thinking negatively was my safety blanket to say, “I knew it was going to go bad anyways.” And since my mind created these negative thoughts, negative outcomes would occur. Break the pattern. Remember, your mind is a powerful thing.

Luckily, tomorrow is a new day. A new day to change your mind set. No one has control of your mind except you and that is the beauty of it. I can admit I am still a work in progress, however everyday I wake up and say, “Today will be a great day,” shifting my mind and thoughts to positivity. The more I stop worrying, the less I stress. The more I fill my mind my positive thoughts, the more my life has changed for the positive. Throughout life we will all face trials and tribulations, however it is up to how you will face them. You control your mind and your thoughts. Remember, stay positive, and trust me I know at times it gets hard but I promise you there will be a light at the end of that tunnel, you just have to choose to see it.

Xo, Blu