Snow Day BURN!


Pretty sure that title is an oxymoron?!?! Anywho - Hello beautiful people! If you're like us on the east coast you're probably bundled up in the house because it is FREEZING outside or you're snowed in in this blizzard. Well since we took Wednesday off we are working it out on SUNDAY! #NodaysOFF

Your amazing trainer Lauren Williams, @Lajoy224, created a snowday core workout to heat up! Don't stay home and pack on the pounds, stay fit with this 20 minute at home workout.

A message from Lauren, "This a core workout that if perfect to do in your living room, hotel room or at the gym. Perfect for a snow day or just a day so cold you don't want to outside. Repeat the whole sequence 3 - 5 times. Enjoy!"

Let's GET IT! Remember 2016 is ours. Let's start NOW! No excuses.

For more fitness inspiration follow Lauren on Instagram, @Lajoy224.