A Word from the Wise


Today I was sent a message from my boyfriend and I had to share it with you.  We live a world of social media where anyone and everyone has a voice. People create an image they want you to believe but it is not even close to their reality. We live in a world that is based on likes or false images. Let's face it, we live in a beautful world with some crazy people!

His dear college coach, sent him a message today that resonated with me in several ways.

"There once was a high-minded concept called 'journalistic integrity' that held those that disseminate information accountable for what they said. Translation: Tell the truth.

Social media now allows anyone with a blog or a twitter account to say anything they want about anyone or any subject. The damage occurs when that information is perceived as truth, when often times it is far from it.

Pretty scary when anyone can create their own narrative based on whatever they want others to believe.

The only thing we can do is expose those that lie or manipulate the truth as the trolls that they are."

Social media is an awesome tool but also a way to create a facade that in some cases are just ridiculous. It allows anyone to create a story and allow you to believe whatever they want you to. Tell the truth.

In saying that, don't get caught up in social media today.

Xo, Blu