ALCATRAZ|San Francisco


So in honor of my upcoming trip to San Francisco for Superbowl, I have to share with you my favorite place to visit in San Francisco: ALCATRAZ. Have you guys seen the movie, "Escape from Alcatraz?!" If so, you know how much history is in this prison. You must visit the iconic prison when you're in San Francisco. The spooky and mysterious Alcatraz sits afar in the San Francisco Bay, where tourists visit often. As a visitor, you must purchase a ticket that varies from $30.00 for the day tours and $38.00 for night tours, then take the ferry over to the island. Also, keep in mind the ferry runs on a set schedule so make sure to visit the the Alcatraz site for schedules. Might I add the ferry is a pretty nice ride for pictures. You can view the city of San Fran, while capturing the best images of Alcatraz.

I love gangsters! I have always loved gangsters. I can actually remember telling my dad I wanted to marry a gangster when I was younger - true life. So I was STOKED to see where some of the greatest gangsters of all time were jailed. Have you heard of Al Capone? Machine-Gun Kelly? Or Whitey Bulger? If you have, you got to go check Alcatraz out- and if you haven't Google them! At Alcatraz you can witness what type of life they lived in these dark, tiny prison cells. The guides share with you some really cool stories about the prisoners as well. I was lucky enough to get a private tour to where I got to sit in Al Capone's actual jail cell. Creepy? YES! Do I care? No, lol. I am obsessed with the history of gangsters. The tour guides here are very informative and guide you throughout the entire prison. I had a blast!

Remember to bring comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking along the island. Again, I totally suggest you visit Alcatraz on your next visit to San Francisco. Take a trip, learn some history and recognize how to be a real G! G as in gangster.

Xo, Blu

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