Tuesday Tunes


Tuesday tunes consists of Kid Ink—Promise featuring Fetty Wap. #onrepeat #literally #allday! Now (stop thinking what you're thinking, I know) a lot of people may or may not be judging me so so so dang H A R D core right now when I openly + honestly admit that I have secret "love-ears" for Fetty Wap . . . . . . . . but I mean, c'mon! Don't even try to tell me that you don't. #youlying

Fetty (yes, YES we're on a first name basis) is just one of those one-hit wonders that just keeps on hitting it home for me! #judgeme #idareyou!

ANYwho, let's just talk about this real quick—Fetty gives me L I F E + this song he features on is n o t h i n g short addicting! It kills me every dang time because, like you know those artists you just don't want to like solely due to the crazy trap queen antics? LOL, this joint just keeps me coming back for more + forever on the I love Fetty-train! 

Just listen, now. You must. Now!

I love the way you stare

at me when you look my way

this is something you should hear

baby would you come my way

there is nothin' else to fear

girl come with me, you straight

I'll leave you beauties with that. #hooked #fetty4president