Monday Motives


If you are not following "rmdrk" on Instagram yet, you probably should. R.M. Drake post quotes about life that are too real, at times it stings you in the heart. He is an author and has a magnificent way with his words. Check his IG page out or buy his book.So let's get back to Monday Motives... I chose this meme because it just inspired me to BE ME! Be who you are, without everyone else's noise surrounding you and effecting you. Be you, regardless of how the people act around you. Remember, you are the ruler of your own destiny. You are the King or Queen of your castle. Run your life the way you want to. Live the life you want to live, and once you start doing so I promise you will see a change. You will see that light that Drake suggests. Follow that light to your joy. Follow that light to your happiness.

As I tell my nieces and nephews,  don't try and fit in with the rest of the world. Be different. Be YOU-  always and forever!

Xo, Blu