To all my curly girls out there that need help recovering their damaged curls, I have to share with you something my girlfriend shared with me that brought my curls back to LIFE. Seriously, if you have curl damage, breakage, weak hair or if your curls are just too dry from coloring it (like mine)  you MUST try this two-step protein treatment from Aphogee. Recently, I dyed my hair blonde and I noticed my curls acting strange. After the dye, my curls were stringy and frizzy and my hair became super dry. I bought different moisturizers for my hair but nothing seemed to keep my curls moist and bring it back to its natural state. Honestly, my curls have never looked so bad before. The hair color definitely damaged my curl texture. Nonetheless, after complaining about my curls to a friend she suggested I go to Sally's and buy Aphogee, a protein treatment for my hair. Ladies - it works!

Ok so how do you use it? I did exactly what my girlfriend told me to do, although there are directions on the packet to follow. First, go to Sally's Beauty Store and purchase the packet Aphogee 2-step Protein Treatment and Blanced Moisturizer. It only costs $3.99! Secondly, after you take a shower and pat dry your hair, apply the Step 1 packet, the two-step protein treatment. I would get a small bowl you don't use often and pour the treatment into the bowl. The substance is pretty sticky and wet and you must apply this protein throughout your entire head of hair. Next, take a comb and comb through your hair immediately after you put in the treatment. After you have combed through the treatment you want to allow your hair to sit as instructed on the directions of the packet. You must apply heat to your hair as your hair is setting with the protein in it. (I took a blowdryer and allowed the heat to circulate on the outside of my hair. Do not touch your hair! Just dry it as you would when you sit under a dryer at a salon.)You will start to notice your hair becoming hard like a shell but that is ok, the protein is just hardening into your hair giving it moisture.(Depending on how much hair you have, you can can keep the protein in your hair longer than suggested on the packet directions. I have a lot of hair so I kept it on for 10 minutes.) After your time is up, your hair should be hard! (It feels so weird!) Next, rinse your hair out with water, getting all of the protein rinsed out of it. Lastly, apply packet 2, the balancing moisturizer. Again, there are directions to follow on the back of this packet. (You can also leave the moisturizer in longer than suggested. I left it in 5 minutes longer, just to soak up all the moisturizer I needed) Finally, rinse the moisturizer out after your time is up and WA-LA,you should immediately see a change in your hair texture.

Ladies, Hazl and I have no connection with Sally's Beauty Store or Aphogee. I am truly sharing an amazing curly girl tip I used that actually worked! Hair is everything and I love my curls. Color will surely damage your hair, but I promise you that the protein treatment from Aphogee will help restore moisture and have your hair looking and feeling better. Let those curls shine baby!

Xo, Blu