ISOLÁ — #goals


ISOLÁ is #goals. There's no other way to put it—their shoes are so intricately designed, so unique and stylish + are 100% practical for e v e r y d a y comfort wear! There's nothing more worthy than a pair of heels, booties or pumps that you can wear ALL day and not even feel an ache in your feet. #isthisreallife?

Literally, though. ISOLÁ is one of my favorite shoe brands that create products that are incredibly comfortable and make you keep coming back for more + more. Adding these booties into my rotation has been one of the best choices I've made recently!

Not to mention, the price of these EVODA booties in nimbus grey suede are K I L L E R. #currently

Dress: Zara, here

Fringe: Intermix

Booties: ISOLÁ, here

[URIS id=3927]