When YOU least expect it...


Do you ever feel like your social media feed is following your real life?Some days I swear I stumble upon quotes that are so encouraging and neccessary to my life at that moment in time. Like my feed is reading into my soul or something?! I know I sound crazy, but I'm not kidding. For instance, the quote above was in my feed this morning and it was exactly what I needed to read to start my Monday. "When you least expect it, something great will come along. Something better than you ever planned for. Be patient. Be smart. Stay focused."- @mindsetofgreatness

Life gets us all at times. We all will experience super duper highs and exteremely low lows. But guess what? If you were blessed to wake up today you should immediately be grateful. You should have faith in tomorrow, that whatever you may be going through trust that it will get better. If it's already good, pray that it gets even better. Patience is a virtue and is a trait I had to learn to attain. It's hard to wait on something awesome to happen, but watch what happens when you least expect it. In the meantime, stay focused and stay on your path. Remain smart throughout the process and believe that the best is yet to come. Learn everyday. Remember, every failure is a lesson learned. Never give up!

When you least expect it, miracles happen. Do you believe in miracles?

Xo, Blu