What I adore most about @ShopPinkBlush is their versatility with their pieces from their women's online boutique!  I can dress up this cardigan OR dress it down + I know for a fact it will look stunning either way! Whether I'm going to run errands or getting ready for a lunch date with the girls—this white knit long open cardigan from the PinkBlush Boutique is E V E R Y T H I N G, #obsessed #canIhave1ineverycolor?

Having days here in Atlanta where the weather will be deep in the 60's (it was literally just 72 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday) to days where it's barely skimming the 50's + super windy—I've learned to invest in versatile pieces! Being able to shop at PinkBlush's trendy online boutique and snag pieces like this to incorporate into my wardrobe makes my life just that much easier. #canIhave1ineverycolor?

ShopPinkBlush has me smitten.

They just get it + are so perfectly on trend, super feminine + create pieces that make you want to keep going back for more. From their cute dresses for women to their maternity wear—how could you not instantly fall in love? #4everafan

This white knit long open cardigan has so quickly been inducted into my rotation of must wear, grab + pack cardigans!

Shop my cardigan here and check out the rest of PinkBlush's gorgeous wardrobe—be SURE to follow them on Instagram: @shoppinkblush!

We love you babes and stay tuned for more BLUHAZL x PINKBLUSH looks this week!

Cardigan: PINKBLUSH, here

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