No matter how old we get, Codie and I will always be those twinning bestfriends on vacation. It's honestly like a tradition for us. I'm currently in the Bahamas celebrating my boyfriend's birthday. We do this every year. He invites his best friend and I invite mine. We go yachting for a week and have the time of our lives. I love making memories with my loved ones. When my bestie and I get together it's the best. We go jet skiing, swim with the turtles and take the best bestie pics!

So where can you get these awesome bestie swimsuits to take on springbreak or your next vaca? We got our swimsuits online at, shopprivateparty.com, and we loved them. Literally, every vacation we travel on together we always plan on twinning. When Codie sent me a pic of this suit, #SQUAD, we immediately ordered it. I love the cut of the one piece and the color is stunning. Meet my bestfriend Codie - my main #SQUAD.

Swimwear: Private Party

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