Sleep with ME


Sleep with benefits I mean, lol! Let me introduce you to Night, a new and healthy pillow for better skin, hair and I quote "a really f*cking comfortable sleep" as our friends at Night say.So ladies, do you often sleep with a scarf or a silk pillow case? Curly girls, I know some of you do. Or do you put your hair up in a pineapple to decrease the morning curl frizz? If your answer is YES, you're not alone. Moving forward, do you sometimes break out from your pillow? Or find your skin irritated? Honestly, I know it has happened to Hazl before, and I have the most sensitive skin on planet Earth. I'm writing to tell you that our friends at has found a ridiculous comfortable solution for all of these problems. Night has created a comfortable pillow that will leave your skin and hair healthy in the morning. In other words, using this pillow you will sleep with benefits. Check out the benefits of Night below:


Night will literally change the way you sleep. More importantly, it will moisturize your skin and hair as you sleep, #winning. Furthermore, Night has been created to stimulate melatonin, leaving your skin looking alive and rested. Night prevents hair loss, supports clear skin, and customizes your comfort. Plus, it comes with it's own bag you can travel with around the world with (true life, I took it with me to the Bahamas #obsessed). Need I say more!?

Go check out Night for yourself. My bestfriend bought me one and I haven't slept without it yet. My curls are healthier and my skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Honestly, the comfort of this pillow is my favorite part. I no longer have issues sleeping at night. #sleepwithbenefits

"Night pillows will not only help you sleep better, but look better. Can you say the same about your current pillow?' I'm a believer. Get you ONE, NIGHT!

Xo, Blu