I am loving these crazy culottes, my sexy top, and my fab Isola shoes. #OOTD As you can see, today I was feeling crazy, sexy, cool. I left my lion mane out, my curls wild, and put together a fun outfit that I absolutely love. Hazl and I went to Zara, as usual, and found these pieces for under $50.00, #winning. As always, I like to finish my outfit off with a hot shoe so I paired it with my new Damar shoes from Isola and it totally completed my super-chic vibes.

Ladies, I can't stress enough how a shoe can totally complete your outfit. Isola shoes this spring are to die for. If you love fashionable, quality and affordable shoes that you can transition from day to night, Isola is your answer.

Top: Zara

Bottom: Zara

Shoes: Damar, Isola Shoes

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