The Day I Met President Obama


"Make sure you get something nice to wear, we are going to the White House Monday," my man said calmly on the phone. What am I going to wear? How should I do my hair? What shoes to match? Those were the questions I instantaneously thoughts that crossed my mind when my boyfriend mentioned we were heading to the White House. I was ecstatic! If there was any president I would want to meet, President Obama would be the one and thanks to my love, this too was getting checked off of my bucket list.

So let's fast forward to Sunday March 27, 2016, the day we arrived in D.C. I am fully prepared. I bought an awesome dress, perfect shoes for Easter and I was letting my curls out for the holiday. It didn't hit me until Sunday that we were going to meet the president. Now, if you know me, I don't really get infatuated with celebrities or fame. Honestly, I think celebrities are solely humans just like us that have an incredible talent or was offered an opportunity and killed it! I've never been one to get excited about meeting anyone really. But to be able to meet Mr. Obama would be something I could show my kids, like look, your mother met one of the biggest historical figures of her time. So for this, I was pretty amped.

Monday, March 28, 7AM: we head over to the White House for the infamous Easter Egg Roll. What a day?! And I mean that in the most cynical way possible. First of all, I'm not a morning person. I always seem to hit the wall by 11am. Secondly, it was FREEZING and RAINING and all I had was a scarf around my bare shoulders and luckily we snuck some umbrellas. Third, due to the rain there was mud. Ever walked through mud with wedges on, lol. But besides the weather, and being a low key diva with the rain and my hair having a frizz fest, it was AWESOME!

What an awesome event the White House has created for the people. There were so many happy children and families wandering all over the south lawn. My boyfriend kindly read the kids a Dr. Seuss book and then we went over to the basketball courts to watch him teach the kids some basketball skills. It was truly awesome. But what made it even more amazing was how gracious our president is. I will never forget that day.

Meeting Mr. Obama was like a glimpse in time. Standing on the basketball court, my boyfriend signals me to come over while he's standing with Mr. Obama. I happily shook Mr. Obama's hand and greeted him with grace. His smile, his warmth and sincere attitude made it all worth while. Meeting Mr. Obama was a day I will always remember.

The highlight of the day was captured HERE by my friend. I can't quite put into words how cool of an experience the Easter Egg Roll was, but I can say that the President of the United States made many families joyous that one cool Monday morning.

xo, Blu

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