DevaCurl to the Rescue


To all my curly girls around the world, DevaCurl has incredible products that help tame frizz and moisten your curls. No, we are not sponsored by DevaCurl. However, I do get my haircut at the DevaCurl salon in Los Angeles from the best hair stylist ever, Ezzy. In all seriousness, their products are amazing. Women constantly ask me what products I use for my curls, but often times I experiment with so many different products I have a list that goes on forever. I posted previously about other great products I used for my curls, but today I want to share with you some new babies I've just laid my hands on.

First and foremost, DevaCurl is super healthy for your hair. All the stuff that damages your hair, DevaCurl excludes from their ingredients. For instance, all of their products are silicone and paraben free, and are 100% sulfate free.  THANK YOU CURL GODS! Oh, and can I add that all of their products smell delicious, especially their coconut supercream.

So let's get to my top 3 go-to DevaCurl products:

  1. Deva Set it Free Spray is a great moisturizer for day 2 or day 3 curls. As the days go by, frizz tends to build up. Spray a bit of this Deva Set it Free Spray and watch the moisture and bounce to your curls come back to life. #NOthirstycurlsoverherebaby!
  2. No-Poo™ Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser is hands down the best shampoo you could have for your curls. Before I found this shampoo, I would only condition my hair. Other shampoos would make my curls feel wirey, leaving my hair super dry. DevaCurl created the best shampoo solution sulfate free! The no-poo conditioning cleanser hydrates and moisturizes your curls leaving your curls bouncy and full of life.
  3. Deva Styling Cream is a lite weight, creamy style cream that helps mold the form of your curls. The styling cream helps elimate frizz and gives your curls a sharper and more defined look.

All of the products above I use when my hair is wet or dry, and trust me they work. To learn how to use each product, buy product, and to explore more about DevaCurl click here.

DevaCurl does a great job at demonstrating how to use each product, what exactly is in each product and how each product benefits your curls. I personally love DevaCurl, a brand made just for us curly girls that leads us to endless amazing hair days. #CurlygirlsUNITE!

Xo, Blu