Bake that CAKE Wednesdays


And no, we're not baking any Betty Crocker cakes over here. It's Wednesday, it's time to bake, meaning workout, that cake, meaning that boo-TAY. Summer time fine, here we come!

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday beautiful people! Lauren, our personal trainer, has created an awesome 3 part Cake Bake series that focuses on our lower body, legs and butt - which is exactly what I personally need to work on. For the next three weeks Lauren will provide us with a new lower body workout to add to our normal routine. Think you can handle it? Let's go! Lauren wants to hear about your sweat - shoot us a comment below and tell us what you love most about bakin' that cake.  Stay tuned for week two!

Make sure to follow our personal, superhot, supermodel, globetrotting trainer, Lauren Williams on Instagram @Lajoy224 and her workout page, @chiselclub_byla.

Rememeber...No Pain, No Gain!