Generation W


Hazl and I went to the most empowering women conference this passed weekend called, Generation W. #GirlPower My highschool basketball coach has became apart of an amazing organization called, Generation W, so she extended an invite to Hazl and I to attend their next event in Jacksonville, and it was the best decision I made all year. Talk about being inspired by amazing women from all walks of life. Generation W is one cool conference where you not only feel empowered and encouraged, but you will leave a better women meeting great peers all around you.

So what is Generation W? If I could put my experience into words, Generation W is a women's leadership conference where powerful and strong woman come together to empower other women to conquer the world. The conference totally inspires, educates, and my favorite part, CONNECTS incredible women leaders with YOU. We got to listen to some incedible stories of success, tribulations, and ways each woman became successful in their fields. Women who have impacted the world, communities, politics, military and so much more were on the panel of Generation W empowering over hundreds of women last Friday in Jacksonville, Florida. Generation W was an incredible experience.

Hazl and I met women such as Kelly Wallace, the digital CNN correspondent, Rear Admiral Mary M. Jackson, the Commander of the NAVY Region Southeast, Sharry Cramond, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications Southeaster Groceries (Winn Dixie), and one of my personal favorite speakers, Jay Newton-Small, authour and political correspodent of TIME.

If I could tell my younger self one thing right now after experiencing Generation W it would be - GO TO A GENERATION W, BE INSPIRED, FIND A MENTOR, AND GET READY TO NAVIGATE THROUGH YOUR LIFE. It's a special thing when you surround yourself with GREAT women who all aspire to be leaders. Honestly, I wish Generation W had a conference I could attend weekly, seriously! The former president of the WNBA, Donna Orender, created Generation W with the help of her incredible friends and all I can say is Thank You! Thank you for allowing me to pass out my business cards and connect with incredible women who wants to see me win! #GOALS! Cheers to learning from women, cheers to being empowered by powerful women, and cheers to being surrounded by a supportive crew of fierce women who live fearlessly!

Ladies, seriously... the next conference you must go to - I'll meet you there actually. Go to their website to view their powerful speaker lineup. Trust me, this conference was beyond empowering. Thanks to Gen W, BluHazl is ready to revamp and takeover!

Xo, Blu

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