Yes, yes + Y E S a thousand million times for Blu finding these amazing little T.S. Soap Rocks at Raw Bronzing Studio because IN ALL SERIOUSNESS—I AM DOWN RIGHT OBSESSED. No, seriously. LOL, my apologies for shouting through the computer at you lovely babes reading this (ilysm) but I mean can you blame me? These rocks are EVERYthing + so much more!

The aromas that these rocks give off through their packaging alone HAD me sold, drooling, and needing more from the minute Blu handed me these gems! #toopretty2use

NOT to mention the lather that these rocks provide when using them (insert heart eye emoji here, now. #YAS) leaves my skin feel so dang rejuvenated + ends up with me wanting to spending much more time than anticipated in the shower. #waterbill2high #whodidthat

T I M E O U T—but honestly, the best thing of all about these soap rocks (besides the aroma + lathering silky wash they give) is the ingredients are precisely chosen to create these little baby beauties. Let's just get real for two minutes . . . . . . T.S. Soap Rocks are all-natural and come straight from the Earth's loving + unique resources! They're amazing blends of all sorts of herbal extracts, vitamins + minerals and hand-crafted to perfection.

Just to give you babes a quick little run-down of what the ingredients consist of: lavender, chamomile, comfrey (a plant used for herbal medicine to heal wounds + treat inflammation), vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, calendula (a Mediterranean flower that is used to precent muscle spasms, reduce fever + treating a sore throat and reducing cramps), and aloe.

Talk about mind, body + soul loving soap rocks that penetrate skin deep! #goalachieved

The three rocks that I have, tried + are smitten over are Tanzanite (the pretty purple color), White Opal (the white rock), Lapis Lazuli (the blue) Are you hooked yet?