"She wants that, Cake Cake Cake Cake.."


"Cake, cake, cake..." in my Rihanna voice. It's Workout Wednesday, let's get it in!

Week 2 of the Cake Bake series is officially here ladies. If you have not done Part 1 of the series, get on it. I felt the burn all week in my glutes. Hey, no pain no gain right?! If I were you, I would definitely add this circuit to your daily workouts. One of my fitness goals is to tighten this butt for the summer... hellllllllllllo bikini season!

Ok fitness lovers, so let's get to it. Lauren Williams, our personal trainer, has an awesome lower body workout you must add to your daily workout routine. Remember, stay the course. Let's get healthy and fit together. Summer time fine, here we come!

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