When your BFF knows you all too well + surprises you with a pretty little dress and shirt after spending the weekend in Atlanta together, #blessed. G, you the REAL MVP. #4everever Moving to Atlanta and hardly knowing anyone was one of the best worst decisions I think I made in 2015. Stuck in between wishing that I could just round my troops + move the crew down here with me (like yesterday) all the while knowing that I just need to create a new life, start fresh, and enjoy the journey of meeting new people. #biggestdilemmaever

Life is a wild little roller coaster but I couldn't have chose to uproot my life at a better time, although on rainy days like today—I tend to second guess myself—I know that everything happens for a reason.

So thankful for all of the incredibly A M A Z I N G (and even not so amazing) human beings that I have crossed paths with thus far.

Okay, okay. Enough with the gushing. Today I threw on a Zara #lbd that was given to me as a gift—mind you, I'm pretty sure shopping of me is nearly impossible for most people + it tends to be a tab bit overwhelming for them (LOL) so they just gift me the usual: gift cards (sorry fam') but Guillian, MY G, has got IT going. She just gets me, like I get her—the shake shack burger to the 'xtra crispy order of crinkle cut french fries. #goals

Sunglasses: Quay Australia, here

Dress: Zara, here

Vest: Zara

Purse: Free People

Booties: Aldo

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