BEYONCE ALL DAY! I don't call myself "Leyonce" for nothing...Have you watched Beyonce's new visual album, Lemonade? If you haven't, you must be OUT OF YOUR MIND! Holy mother of pearl! Beyonce is just EVERYTHING! Talk about a fearless woman. I mean, WOW! Ladies,take an hour out of your day tomorrow, get a glass of wine, sit on the couch for an hour and watch the power of Beyonce. Watching Lemonade was like watching Titanic, it just took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I mean, I watched Lemonade 3 times thus far and every time I watch it I feel more and more empowered and inspired. After this, I might just sign up to be apart of the Beyhive... not kidding. I always enjoyed Beyonce, but after LEMONADE I'm a true Beyonce believer. #QueenB

Where do I start? The visual aspects of her album are just beautiful. Beyonces creates a movie like visual album (which she released on HBO and Tidal) that goes with every song on her album. The album starts by discussing a rocky relationship implying cheating and lies and then each song there after takes you on a journey of the different trials and tribulations of a relationship. She speaks about love, and how love can drive us crazy or jealous, make you retaliate, causes you agony, but then it shows the power of true love and how love prevails all in the end. All I can is say is THANK YOU Beyonce for giving me and so many women a voice. It's crazy how much I related to Lemonade, from the song "Sorry"  to "Daddy Lessons" to "All Night." True life, I just got chills listening  to "All Night." Ladies, just trust me and buy the album for $17.99 on Itunes, you will not be disappointed. Hazl and I have had Lemonade playing on repeat all day long. #Obsessed

Remember, music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart. Beyonce is a genius. She is every woman. Believe the hype.#Lemonade

Xo, Blu