Decisions, decisions, d e c i s i o n s—made easy right after our morning workout with Daily Harvest smoothies being spot on the money baby! Finding a company that's mission is to help people eat better quality ingredients, more conveniently is amazing! Daily Harvest has been created to make your life so incredibly easy, less hectic and down-right deliciously nutritious with ideal portioned ready-to-blend smoothie cups.

Talk about game changer. Abso-friggen-lutely #goals achieved, literally!

Each smoothie is packed full of real whole fruits, veggies, and superfoods all the while each recipe is perfected by a chef + nutritionist to optimize ingredient nutritional values as well as to amplify taste and body loving goodies!

Some people may think that all of these "already frozen + prepared" smoothies are all just a hoax, but in actuality, I would N E V E R stand behind a company that is a fraud. I promise you that. I believe in REAL food, REAL ingredients, and REAL nutrition to achieve true life happiness through a healthy lifestyle.

Smoothies are taking over the world (in my eyes) by storm. What I cherish most about Daily Harvest is that their ingredients are picked at their peak ripeness + nutritional value state to ensure the maximum nutrient solidity—the ingredients are then frozen + ready to devour in just three simple steps!

Open, add liquid, and blend.

It really is that simple. #superfoodsuperfast

All ya' gotta do is get hip to the Daily Harvest smoothie game—order a few of their smoothies, decide on a liquid base + add all ingredients PLUS 1-1½ cups of your chosen liquid into any type of blender you have on hand and let the magic happen—blend until smooth, pour the smoothie back into the cup + DRINK UP BABES.

The six smoothies that I chose to try first (although it took me a solid 10 minutes to narrow it down) was be the matcha colada, mint chipper, wake + cake, berry brightener, cacao kapow, and strawberry shorty!

Stay tuned this upcoming week to hear about my thoughts + reviews on the smoothies I chose and my "promo" code to use on your first purchase!