Because Lauren Williams has hot sauce in her bag, SWAG! Sorry, I'm still in Beyonce mode, oh and Lauren has more than just hot sauce in her bag. She has one hek of a workout you can do at work! Lauren teamed up with Health.com & Qinetic.com and is sharing a workout you can do at WORK! Yup, I said it, AT WORK. Legit, Lauren believes in NO EXCUSES and today she's not messing around. As she states in the video, "Sitting in a chair all day long, is almost as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes!" (what?!?! getting my booty up and moving now!) It's time to get summer time fine like Lauren... game face, ON!

Check out this amazing WORK-OUT and try it at work tomorrow! Remember, for more fit inspiration make sure to follow our personal trainer, Lauren Williams, @Lajoy224 and @Chiselclub_ByLa.

Let us know if you feel the burn ladies, Lauren has her eye on you!