When you have a sister and like the pants she just bought, you steal them or for a better term, you borrow them. #perksofsisterhood

Hazl bought these beautiful wide-leg cream pants from Zara last week, and I had to wear them. As soon as she put them on, in my mind I knew I was stealing them, I just didn't let her know that. Something about an elegant and classy wide-leg pant gets me everytime. Again, this outfit is all from Zara. I fell in love with the backless champagne colored top that shows off your back, which is extremely sexy. Classy in the front, with a whole lot of sex appeal in the back. Thanks again Zara for the fit.

Top: Zara

Pant: Zara

Clutch: Jenny Polanco

Sunglass: Miu Miu

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