EAT PRETTY: spinach + blueberries


Since graduating college just about a year ago + receiving my degree in culinary nutrition—I have whole-heartedly fell in love with nutrition and all that it truly has to offer because by making simple changes in your diet on a daily basis, nutrition will 110% improve your quality of life in all aspects. Consuming real food made with real ingredients is what it's truly all about and *exactly where we all must begin. I've made a pact with myself to bring forth one or two ingredients every week that I love, consume on a daily basis + thoroughly believe aids in my belief that nutrition starts on the inside in order to allow yourself to shine bright on the outside.

Eat pretty, feel gorg. #newlifemotto

First things first—spinach and blueberries. #YAS

I'm all about those greens + blues that make my days brighter and better, #4everever.

Spinach is a powerful green beauty booster that is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins + minerals. Consuming spinach boosts levels of two well-distinguished antiaging nutrients: vitamin A + glutathione. Vitamin A is stellar because it keeps skin-cell turnover moving along and flourishingmaking your complexion brighter all the while the glutathione is a defense mechanism against DNA and mitochondrial damage + regenerates vitamin C for super extended antioxidant power.

Spinach is packed with blood-oxygenating chlorophyll and beauty minerals like iron, manganese, and magnesium! Not to mention that spinach contains bone-strengthening properties from vitamin Kso forget the milk and kick up your spinach intake! Even though spinach is a killer all-natural beauty booster in it's raw state, the calcium + eye-protective lutein content within it's leaves is more easily absorbed when cooked. Try eating spinach with vitamin C-rich foods like strawberries or lemons so the beauty nutrients can be easily absorbed.

Listen here babesMAJOR key alert—implement spinach greens into your everyday beauty routines and watch the glow begin! You won't be disappointed. #loveyourinsides


When it comes to my blues, we like to take it super light on the eye shadow, but extra extra on the blueberries because their deep color contains antiaging properties that'll keep you younger than life! #GOALS

Although blueberries may not look too powerful to the naked eye, trust me, they're their own kind of nutrition powerhouse. Their deep blue skin + anthocyanin pigments enhance skin's elasticity, connect tissue, and protect against UV damage with catechins that defend against wrinkles. SAY WHAT. #reallife

We're saying farewell to all the saggy and droopiness that occurs + a big beautiful H E L L O to stunning tight skin!

Blueberries are also packed with powerful boosts of vitamin E + C as well as a healthy dose of potassium boosts the circulation of nutrients and oxygen. GET this, blueberries even aid in reducing fat storage in your body due to their ability to decrease insulin resistance.

Remember: eat pretty + feel GORG is the motto! A new post all about eating pretty will be an every week thing—stay tuned babes!