When you find another great and talented woman to take images of you and your sister, it's like a dream come true! #winning Finally! Hazl and I wished we had like an expert photographer boyfriend (like every other blogger) to take bomb images of us together, but let's face it we don't. My boyfriend just hits the button and truly believes it's a good pic even if my heads cut off - you know how guys do! Anyhow, we are super stoked to share our new style features where Hazl and I can share our style together with you!

Back to the regularly scheduled program ...

It's summer time which means vacation, resorts and fun! Hazl and I both have our own unique styles and we have raided Zara, as usual, to find our fav go to summer vacation looks spiced up with a little bling from Misayo House.

I'm to the left, and I am literally obsessed with this pink floral set. The set is so pretty, super lite and perfect for vacation. I could wear this to dinner and SLAY or chill during the day sippin' on some coconut water under a palm tree.

Set: Zara

Shoes: Balenciaga

Hazl is always just super hot, young and fun! I'm obsessed with her simplistic chic style. Her knotted jumper set is made of a cotton cloth material, which is super lite and versatile, so she can dress it up or down. If she wanted to, she could throw a bikini under this, or where a sexy bodysuit, as seen here, to SLAY. #obsessedwithher

Jumper + Bodysuit: Zara

Shoes: Banana Republic

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